Selling a car in Dubai

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When you plan to sell your car in Dubai you need to know some important tips and tricks. The following are the dos and don’ts of selling a car in Dubai. First of all do not accept a personal cheque as payment for your car, there are number of cases reported where the cheques have been bounced. Check the loan status of your car before selling it, because if you have taken a loan for it and not paid it back then technically it’s a bank property. So before selling the car, make sure you ask your bank for a letter which states that you have cleared all the dues. You don’t have to put car advertising on the window of your car. It’s illegal in UAE, and your car will be taken and impounded.

Now where can you advertise your car anyway, well there are lots of options including supermarkets notice board, online websites, classified newspapers and auto related magazines. New residents of UAE are not always sure where to register the new owner of their car. It’s a simple procedure go to an insurance company and terminate the policy. They will ask you for a new copy of your registration card. You now be able to transfer the policy to the new owner. Get your car tested before the registration expired.

You will need a registration card, a copy of driver license, a copy of visa or a passport, insurance certificate of the person who is buying your car then

Hand over the documents for processing in the registration office, they will check for the fines. About 100 AED will be required for transferring and 390 AED for new registration.  Wait for the new registration card; make sure the card has a new buyer’s name on it. The one who bought the car should have a photo copy of the card.

The seller is advised to send a copy to the insurance company showing the car is now on someone else name. When you sell your car get a proof of the sale at the same time, either a photo copy of a new registration card with the new buyer’s name on it. Or the de registration certificate from the police it will make easier for your buyer to claim the vehicle to the insurance company and for you they will stop the insurance on your old car with your name and you can get a credit against the insurance of your new car for the time left on your policy.

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