Traffic Penalties for Sudden Swerving and Poor Lane Changing in the UAE

Understanding Lane Change Violations According to the New Traffic Law in the UAE

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Sudden swerving and poor lane changing have been amongst the major reasons behind escalating traffic problems in the UAE over the last few years. Reckless motorists who ignore road safety protocols while changing lanes put their safety and the safety of other commuters at serious risk. Motorists must be aware of the fact that sudden swerving and poor lane changing can disrupt the flow of traffic and cause fatal backend and side-impact crashes between multiple vehicles.

Motorists can face heavy penalties for lane changing violations in the UAE as traffic authorities have taken a tougher stance against dangerous traffic violations by introducing stricter traffic penalties in the recently amended federal traffic law.

Penalties for Sudden Swerving and Poor Lane Changing in the UAE

According to the new traffic law that was implemented in the UAE on July 1, 2017, traffic authorities have divided lane changing violations into two different categories.

Motorists can now be penalized for “sudden swerving” and “changing lanes without indicating to other drivers” separately and combined as well.

The penalties for sudden swerving include a fine of AED 1,000 and four black points issued against the driver’s license. On the other hand, there is a penalty of AED 400 fine and four black points for changing lanes without using indicators. Any motorist who is found guilty of committing both these violations at the same time can face a hefty penalty of AED 1,400 fine and 4 black points.

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Safe Practices to Follow While Changing Lanes

Lack of awareness about road safety protocols is one of the major reasons behind sudden swerving and poor lane changing habits. Motorists must know that there are safe ways to change lanes that should always be followed in order to avoid a dangerous road situation.

The traffic culture of the UAE is extremely diverse because of a high expatriate ratio in the country. Expatriates who come from other parts of the world find it difficult to adapt to the traffic rules of the UAE. While embracing change in the traffic rules can be difficult, safety practices to follow while changing lanes largely remain same across the world.

Listed below are some standard safety protocols that motorists should comply with to change lanes safely:

  • Before starting to drive, make sure that you have adjusted your side-view mirrors and rearview mirror.
  • Avoid changing lanes unnecessarily as it can potentially disrupt the flow of traffic. You may have to change lane to overtake an extremely slow vehicle in order to avoid the traffic penalty (AED 400 fine) for driving below the minimum speed limit of a road. You might also need to change the lane to give way to an emergency vehicle as not giving way to the emergency vehicles is also considered as a traffic offence in the UAE. Motorists can face a fine of AED 1,000 and 6 black points can be issued against their license if they fail to give way to emergency vehicles. Other than these situations, motorists should try to avoid any unnecessary lane change.
  • While changing lanes, observe the load of traffic in your own lane and the adjacent lane you are trying to switch to. Use indicators to signal other drivers of your intention to move to the other lane.
  • Make slow and gradual movements towards the other lane so that you allow vehicles behind you enough time to make essential adjustments.
  • Make the lane change only when the other lane is completely free or has sufficient room for your vehicle to enter.
  • Don’t forget to check your blind spots by looking over your shoulder every time you make your mind to change lanes.
  • Turn off your signal once you have changed the lane.

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Driver-Assistance Technologies in Modern-day Cars that Help While Changing Lanes

Modern-day vehicles are equipped with driver-assistance technologies and safety systems that have made driving more secure and stress-free than ever before. The driver-assistance technologies in new cars can effectively help to avoid dangerous driving mistakes by issuing a visual or audible warning on detecting even a minor lapse in concentration of the driver.

Listed below are the driver-assistance technologies that can be found in the modern-day vehicles to change lanes safely:

  • Intelligent Lane Keep Assist
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Head-up Display
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • 360 Degree Camera

All these technologies not only ensure safety while changing lanes, but also help a driver in developing a cautious mindset to follow road safety protocols while switching between lanes.

Lane Departure Warning

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Poor lane changing and sudden swerving are dangerous traffic violations and motorists must make a conscious effort to avoid these violations at all times. By complying with all the aforementioned tips to change lanes safely and with the help of the driver-assistance technologies, changing lanes can become safer than ever before.

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