Rust Prevention – Tips for Protecting Your Car from Rust

Tips for Protecting Your Car from Rust

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Car rust can be unattractive and very troublesome for everyone. Rust prevention becomes necessary in the summer days when the humidity level is high. Many people believe that rust is not an issue with the cars in the UAE area, simply because it is a dry and hot area. However, that is not the case as rust can catch the exterior and the interior of your car anytime anywhere.

Understanding Rust – Why It Happens?

Rust can happen anywhere, but especially in the areas with extreme weather. Basically, any exposed metal can be affected by rust when it comes in contact with oxygen. People living in humid areas must always check their vehicle for any outbreak of rust every few weeks.

Surface rust is the first stage of rust attack, if caught on time, it can be prevented and taken care of very easily. However, if rust moves deeper, it will become increasingly difficult for you to fight it and take it out of your car. If the rust has moved beyond the metal exterior, you may have to remove that section from the car to make sure that the rust doesn’t spread further.

Nevertheless, there are some preventions, tips and tricks that you can use to prevent rust from attacking your car.

A Regular Wash Can Help to Prevent Rust

Washing your car and keeping it clean is the best rust prevention trick. It is easy and you may already be doing it. The point is to increase or decrease the frequency of the car washes. Try to wash your car every two weeks and try to get a car wax every four months. Also, try to keep the interior of the car clean and dry. If you spilled something, especially a liquid, dry it and wash it out as soon as possible.

Tips for Protecting Your Car from Rust

Note: You need to keep it in mind that you must not wash your car in a public area or in a street. It is strictly prohibited in the UAE and you might need to pay a fine for washing your car in the street. You can wash your car at home or take it to a nearby car service station to get it washed. The fines for washing the car in a public area vary for different states in the UAE.

A Little Paint Job can help to Get Rid of the Rust

If you already have a surface rust issue or you can tell that some parts of the car may be attacked with rust soon, try to get a paint job. Cut through the paint and the rust at the infected area before painting the infected area, because simply painting over the rust will not fix the issue. When you use sand paper or a buffer, try to reach the metal below and then paint over it for a maximum impact.

Tips for Protecting Your Car from Rust

Keeping Your Car Dry Prevents Rust

The key to all rust prevention ideas is keeping the car clean and dry. Remember that rust only attacks when your car is wet or exposed to moisture for a long time. Check every corner of your car and drain them. This is the first step of rust proofing your vehicle and making sure that it stays as perfect as possible. You can stop rust on, any car, as long as you take care of it. Keep the car covered when you are not using it and if you can find a rust prevention spray, use it to keep your car safe and shiny.

Keep car dry for Protecting Your Car from Rust

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