Best regular maintenance schedule for your car

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Any car in the world needs a regular maintenance all the time in order to increase the basic life of it. Therefore, it is important to develop an appropriate schedule for your regular maintenanceand because we know that this issue is very essential for everyone, we will provide you with some information related to the regular maintenance for your car.

The following tips will show you the times and distances for some pieces in your car where you have to change or check them after specific times and distances. These tips are provided by the manufacturers of cars as all the cars have the similar regular maintenance periods that every driver should follow precisely to avoid any problems or accidents on the roads plus getting the best performance from your car.

Please try to follow the next maintenance task schedules for some important parts in your car:

1- Changing the engine’s oil:

The engine’s oil is one of the most important elements in the car which must be changed according to the schedule in order to maintain the car’s performance. In general, you have to change the engine’s oil in a period between 6,000 and 9.000 km or every 3- 4 months.

2- Changing the air and fuelfilters:

You must change the air and fuelfiltersaccording to the result of examination in each time you visit the maintenance’s center, and in general you must change the air and oil filters in a period between 20,000 and 25,000 km.

3- Checking your vehicle’s tires:

You must verify the status and functionality of each tire in your car in a period between 20,000 and 30,000 km or as advised by your tires’ Manufacturer.

4- Emptying and re-filling the cooling system:

The cooling system of your car must be emptied and re- filled in a period between 40,000 and 60,000 km. This is very important because many parts of your car depend on it.

5- Air conditioner:

You should check your air conditioner on an annual basis and preferably in the spring season in order to get the best result.

6- Checking the vehicle’s brakes:

Your vehicle’s brake represents the most important thing in your car where you should check its status all the time. Be sure to check its status every 10,000 km and if you found any small issue, please check the car at your maintenance center immediately.



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