Can I Sell A Financed Car?

You have not finished paying up your car loan and you need to maybe change cars or move locations and the big question is: What is the process of selling financed car in Dubai? You need to first get a clearance letter from your bank which indicates the balance that needs to be cleared off. At, our promise is to buy any car and this letter automatically qualifies your car to be purchased by us in collaboration with your financing institution. We also undertake to do all the paperwork required to effect a car transfer as per the legal process set out by the Roads and Transport Authority to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for you and does not take too much time. You should therefore not worry about starting the sale process on our website.


Why You Need To Have Your Vehicle Evaluated By An Expert

Have you done the online car evaluation on our website and you are wondering why you need to book an appointment for the inspection process? The reason we invite you for a physical assessment before an automotive sale is basically because you have an opportunity to negotiate a better price based on other features that go beyond the year of manufacture, model or the mileage. These may include the trim of your car model, additional or optional features as well as the maintenance history. A word with our expert will ensure that you get a fair price and also will give a chance to understand more about cars and what factors count for a good resale value.

Choosing The Right Process To Sell Your Car

Selling a car can be an easy or a difficult process depending on the process you choose to use. Take for example if you decide advertising used car in online sale websites and newspapers? While this is effective in reaching the mass market, it can become a living nightmare for you in terms of the number of enquiries you get and you wonder how to handle them. Some of our customers have actually admitted to pulling down adverts and even switching off their phones to avoid the numerous responses they get for their cars. On the other hand, selling to a dealer like happens to be a process that offers you the peace of mind to carry on with your other duties and engagement as you plan to and eventually dispose your car. Vehicle sale can be easy of difficult, you just need to choose right. – Also in your area!

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