Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your Car

Probably you have heard about but you have not had the chance to experience our service. If you have made up your mind and you are planning to sell us car, we have good news for you; our process is simple, straightforward and fast. The most important thing for a car owner is to know that they can rely on the company that they choose to deal with during a car sale process. First you need to know how much money you could potentially make if you were to dispose your ride. Second, you need to know the process and paperwork involved and how long it will take you. Third, you need to know if your car will actually be bought. Good news is, we have positive answers to all these questions and you have come to the right place for your used car sale.


Determining the possible value of your car is easy

The first question you have is what is my car worth? The answer is available in 15 seconds at a click of a button. We have a free online calculator that only requires the car model, year of manufacture and the mileage to give you an estimate car value that can guide you in determining how much money you probably expect to raise from your sale. The second question is the process involved when selling your car to us. You need to book an appointment online to have your car assessed at any of our branches by an expert. At this point, we take note of any additional vehicle features that were not covered in the online evaluation to give you a final offer price. If the offer price is agreeable to you, the sale is closed and we assist you to handle all the transfer paperwork and we also transfer your money to your bank immediately.

You must protect yourself from fraud when selling a car

When choosing a buyer for your car, it is always good to ensure that you protect yourself from fraud. Knowing the buyer personally is not enough; you need to ensure that the process of payment itself is guaranteed, professional and safe. During an automotive sale process, ensure that you have a written agreement, a witness and do not agree to complete the transfer if the payment is not finalized. This will save you a lot of time and anxiety in following up the money and sometimes you might need to go through a legal process to claim your car or the money. It is highly recommended that you avoid dealing with individuals and instead you could choose to sell your ride to a reputable company with a legal physical address and a professional manner of handling a car sale process. – Also in your area!

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