Avoid Selling Your Car as Scrap to Get Good Resale Price

May be at one point you have considered selling your damaged car at a Dubai scrap cars for sale yard and you were wondering whether to do it or not. While this is an option of raising the little money you can from the sale, you may want to consider selling to a specialized dealer who will not look at your car as scrap but rather look at it as a broken car sale which still has some good value in the market. At SellAnyCar.com, you will get a good return despite the damage in your car, because we value it based on the current condition not as scrap. It would therefore be worthwhile to understand our process which requires you to evaluate your car on our website to know the estimate price and also book an appointment to visit our inspection centers countrywide for an actual evaluation and offer price.


Know Your Vehicle and Maintain All Car Records

Do you know how you can use your car history to analyse car value and understand how to negotiate for a good sale price? We have built a free online tool that you can use to know the estimate market value of your car model based on the year and the mileage. You can then use other information such as your car maintenance records, accidents record and any other features that you have added or changed in the car over the period of ownership. With this information at hand, you can book an appointment at any of our branches for a session with our car assessment expert and negotiate an acceptable offer price. This means that knowing your car history and maintaining good records can significantly increase the sale price for you and it is therefore recommended that you have a keen eye on all these factors.

Timing is Everything For A Good Resale Price

A car is special; men especially have a problem changing cars and instead they keep adding special features such as sound and lighting and exterior enhancements instead of purchasing new cars. These kind of enhancements keep increasing the used car value and it means that when it’s time to finally sell, all these factors will be considered. It is also necessary to remember that there are cars that lose value faster than others and it is absolutely necessary to change them despite the fact that you already love them. This will help you to get a good sale price in the car market if you sell early enough. If you wait too long, you might end up losing a lot of your investment. Timing is everything when it comes to getting a favourable resale price.


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