Determination of the used car purchase price and car buying service

The used car price is different from car to car. A variety of factors have value-increasing or value-decreasing effects on the price of cars. Even vehicles of the same make (brand) and the same model can achieve different prices, because of differences in age, condition or equipment. Anyone who wants to sell their own car, but is unsure about the price should have the car’s worth assessed professionally.

The car experts at can determine the used car price in one of our many branches throughout the Middle East and make you a fair offer to buy the car quickly and conveniently on the spot. Our car purchase process is simple and you get paid immediately.


Guide - How to sell your used car at the best price

Whether Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mercedes or any other car - when selling your car you want to get the best possible price, regardless of make or model. It is especially important to know the realistic value of the vehicle. Online ads on classifieds or online marketplaces are often a poor guide for determining a car’s value.

If the car is offered for a desired price, which is higher than the realistic value on the market, it can lead to a complicated, lengthy and perhaps impossible used car sale. You can achieve the best possible price by having your car inspected and valuated by professionals. With the used car experts at this is easily possible in a branch near you. In just three steps you will receive a free, fair and professional evaluation of your used car. You can also choose to directly sell your car to us. As a reputable and professional car buyer we always offer the right service to you.

Try and submit your most important vehicle information directly into our simple form online. You will receive an initial offer for your car immediately and can book an appointment to visit one of our many branches. Both inspection and sales processing, including deregistration are absolutely free. – Also in your area!

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