Bridging the Gap Between Car Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and sellers of used cars have one thing in common; they need each other. The big question in the UAE sell car market is how to easily and efficiently ensure that this relationship meets your needs as a car owner when purchasing or selling. You can ensure that a buyer does not take advantage of your vulnerability or lack of car knowledge by first educating yourself about your car or even taking another person who is more knowledgeable when negotiating a sale. Also it is important to choose to deal with a legal company and have all the details of your transaction written down to ensure that you can make reference whenever you need to. As a legal company with several branches in the gulf, offers you a straightforward and well outlined process of selling used cars to ensure that you get the best deal possible for your vehicle. 


Solution for car lovers who sell on short notice

Many car enthusiasts tend to find their next car way before they have sold their old one because their eyes are always doing a car search even when they are on their normal business. Mostly they are driven by love of cars and you will find that they will identify cars and make the decision to buy even before they have thought about the money. This then brings the idea of emergency sale of an old vehicle to finance the new one even before it is bought by someone else. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to identify car price using our free online calculator which will mentally prepare you to negotiate for a good sale price. You can then book an appointment, also done online, and visit our center for a further physical evaluation which is followed by a price negotiation. Should the sale be agreeable, it is concluded and payment done instantly thus giving you a chance to immediately purchase your new ride.

How much has your car history affected the sale price?

What is my car still worth? This question has definitely crossed your mind a few times during your car ownership and all for good reason. Maybe you have had a few dents and maybe even an accident and you are wondering whether this has significantly affected your car value. We offer you an online calculator to check the estimate market price for your ride based on the model, year of manufacture and the mileage. However, you still need to book an appointment at any of branches countrywide to have an actual evaluation and your question about your car’s worth will be answered. We do an expert car assessment based on the physical condition and available information and give you an offer price that is commensurate to the value of your vehicle. – Also in your area!

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