Buying a second hand car in Dubai

If you live and work in Dubai, then you must be aware that having a car can really make your life convenient especially if you are not keen on walking in the hot sun to catch a bus or the metro. Due to the fact that personal vehicles are a necessity in this city, the Dubai second hand cars is very vibrant and a lot of car owners go for this option when looking for new wheels. There are however a few factors that you need to consider when buying pre-owned cars such as the car condition, the reliability of the dealer, the car transfer process and the eventual resale price. Before you even consider buying, you need to carry out some research into the model you are interested in and list the key features you are interested in.


How to get the best sale price for your car

When it comes to car price determination, offers an online tool that gives you an opportunity to get the estimate market price for you vehicle if you are planning to sell. This tool happens to be easy, fast and straight forward and by only using simple details such as the model of your car, mileage and year of manufacture, you are able to determine whether it is the best time to sell or not. It is worth noting that this price can go much higher based on other factors such as the options available in your vehicle, maintenance condition and other additional features. We recommend that you book an appointment on our website to have a car inspection in any of branches that will give you the final value of your car.

Best way to sell a car online

Do you know how difficult it can get to sell a car online? Most buyers want to see the car they are buying, confirm that the features are as stated and possibly have a test drive. This means that if you want to sell online, you will have a long process and probably sell the car much less than it is worth. To ensure that you get the best price possible within the shortest time, we start the process online but we complete it in any of our branches countrywide where you get to review the sell with an expert. Your used car value is fully reviewed as per the condition of your car and you are given a chance to discuss, negotiate and agree on a final price and if this is favourable to you, the sale is concluded in less than 30 minutes. – Also in your area!

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