Car valuation: Determine how much your car is worth now. Completely free and instant!

You are thinking about selling your car to a car dealer or in a private sale? To determine the actual car value is not easy, because often there is a lack of market knowledge. As a result many do not know what the price of the car actually can be. We offer expertise in precise car valuation. Estimate lists are a reference point for the evaluation of a car. Unfortunately, they cannot provide binding values. Depending on the available market, current trends and condition of the vehicle, the price may be lower or higher. Exterior condition, equipment components, maintenance intervals, repairs and replaced wear parts affect the car price. Thanks to our complimentary professional valuation you will get certainty.


Seasonal influences on vehicle value and car sales

The regular dates on which new cars are introduced affect the market. Moreover, seasonal promotions from new car dealerships, large advertising campaigns and car introductions at the International Motor Show have their effects. Such events also affect the used car market. In spring, the willingness to buy a new car, for example, is relatively large. When many people want to sell their used car, it is important to quickly determine the value of your own used car. With the valuation of your used car, you can directly sell your vehicle and do not have to waste valuable time on the market.

Each season has certain pros and cons for certain types of cars. The faster and more professional the car is made available to the market, the higher your chance of a good and satisfactory sale. As a professional buyer is on your side and helps you competently in achieving the highest price for your used car – in a fast, easy and fair way. Therefore, it is a good idea to let valuate and buy your car. A seller of new cars usually lacks the experience in the used car market and as a private seller you want to reduce the time required for the sale, while achieving maximum and fair prices for your used car. offers instant valuation of your car and gives you confidence in the value of your car on the market. Quick sale means to get the best possible price out of the car in a short period of time. guarantees to buy your car within 30 minutes and takes care of the entire process.

How to determine a car value professionally

Car experts calculate the car value by examining each important detail of a vehicle. The starting point of a valuation is the residual value of a car, which is determined by make, model, age and mileage of the vehicle. However, other factors such as damages, the current demand for this type on the used car market, special equipment or care of the car play an important role as well. provides the perfect solution for calculating the value of your car. Our experts use their extensive automotive knowledge and many years of work experience to determine the value of your car reliably. Benefit now from our free valuation service and prepare your car for sale. We offer you all advantages of an easy, quick and fair sales process and would be happy to purchase your used car directly for a fair price that satisfies both sides. – Also in your area!

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