Getting the best price for your used car

Do you know how easy it can be to determine your used car price at Once you make a decision to sell a vehicle, you should at least have an idea how much you are looking for because if you over-quote, you will not be able sell and if you under-quote, you definitely lose money. Knowing the estimate price of your car helps you make the process smooth and gives you a chance to negotiate with potential buyers. Our online car value calculator ensures that using the minimum of details such as model, year of manufacture and mileage, you can get a rough estimate of how much your vehicle is worth. You can follow this up with an appointment at any of centres to have the car evaluated and a final price estimate given. This is a free service that can help you fetch a favourable price for your car sale.


Are you planning to sell your car in Africa?

Have you ever wondered how you can sell car to Africa? It is important to note that different countries in Africa have different specs and required fittings in cars. For example, there are countries that use left drive cars and others use right drives. It is important then to ensure that you do your research depending on where you want to sell and the type of car you are selling. The other most important thing is to identify car price to determine whether it is worth the entire process considering that you will need to add shipping costs and other legal taxes and procedures. You can use our free car value calculator to check the value of your car and decide whether you want to sell your car abroad or it would be more convenient to sell it locally.

How to sell a broken car in Dubai

Many car owners wonder whether a broken car sale is a possibility in Dubai and the answer is yes. You no longer have to create space in your garage for a car that is no longer working and you do not have the money or the need to repair it. is committed to literally buy any car including that old one that no one is interested in buying. We ensure that no owner is stuck with a car that they have no idea what to do with. We require you to visit our website and check your vehicle’s value and also book an appointment with our car experts at any of our centres near you. We offer the best price possible and this remains a no-obligation free process where you can change your mind at any point of the sale process. This gives you the freedom to manage your car sale process. – Also in your area!

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