Get an instant valuation of your car and sell it quickly!

You want to determine the current market value of your car? With you can quickly, easily and seriously evaluate your vehicle online and sell it afterwards - guaranteed. Based on the most important information of your car , such as make, model, year and mileage we can determine a first orientation value.

For the best possible used car sale at a fair price, you can book an appointment at your local station, where our used car experts will inspect your car for free and provide you with a fair offer to buy the car immediately.


What to consider when valuating your car

Those who want to know the current value and price of their car, must perform a realistic and serious valuation. Comparing your car to existing online adverts, for example, is often problematic. The value of a used car is determined by numerous factors like make, car model, age, mileage or features.

Therefore, make sure that your car is properly evaluated. Benefit from the experience of our experts at We are able to evaluate your car in just two steps giving you certainty about a realistic sale price. Just enter the basic data of your car on our website to get a first orientation value. Afterwards you can make an appointment with our experts to receive a free inspection at one of our locations. Make sure to bring all documents and further accessories like extra tires to your appointment so that your car can be assessed as precisely as possible.

Sell Your Car The Easy Way

Represented in all the largest cities in the Arab world, we are your competent car buying service. Our branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Amman and other regional locations offer an impeccable service and support you with everything regarding the sale of your used car.

Whether Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai or Mercedes - we buy all brands. We ensure complete transparency and safety for you. With the online valuation you can instantly calculate a first price estimate for your vehicle. Afterwards you can make a personal appointment with our trained automotive experts who will then inspect and evaluate your car and make you an offer. If you agree with the price you can directly sell your car and the entire sale process will be managed by – Also in your area!

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